Role and Tasks

This role can be filled by one, or several, co-counsellors.

Key Tasks

  1. To keep an up-to-date membership list for CCIS, which is published in each Newsletter
  2. To collect membership details for the membership list
  3. To collect annual membership subscriptions and pass these on to the Treasurer
  4. To ensure that there is liaison between fundamentals teachers and the membership team about newly trained co-counsellors.
  5. Feedback to the Network via the AGM and the network report.

What do Membership Administrators need to know to do this job?

The links that exist between the Membership Administration Team and:

  • the Newsletter - their deadlines, publishing needs
  • the Membership List database - providing labels and lists for the Newsletter
  • the Treasurer - receiving subscriptions from the Membership Team
  • Teachers of Fundamentals - how this link will operate e.g. where responsibilities lie and what they are

What are the deadlines the Membership Administrators need to keep?

  • Newsletter copy dates - for printing lists and labels - (1st of March, June, Sept and Dec)
  • Letters requesting subscriptions to renew membership (to arrive first week of January, subscriptions deadline end January)
  • Phone follow-up for non-payers (end January)
  • Fundamentals dates, so that liaison can be made at appropriate times
  • Feedback to the AGM and network report

Who could help, support or liaise with the Membership Administrators to do this job?

  • The Newsletter Editorial Team
  • The Treasurer
  • The Convenor/s of the AGM
  • Community Day Organiser
  • Previous Membership Administrators
  • The teachers of fundamentals