Finding Child Minders


Success Criteria for choosing child minder(s)
  • commitment:
    it is a challenge - to say the least - to cope with the situation when a child minder does not turn up.
  • a good mutual understanding of what kind of child minding is expected

Some attention points

  • when the child minder is also minding one of their own children at the workshop. There is a risk that the parent-child minder gets exhausted by the attention asked from them by all the children during child care time, and by their own children outside the child care time.
  • when working with teams of child minders. During the workshop there is not much time left over to meet up and discuss matters of the child minding. Also there is sometimes the risk that the teams feel like competing with each other who is providing the best child care. A good shared preparation before the workshop could prevent that.

Making a contract with the chilminders


Work Times

1. present in openings circle and give an indication of day program

2. on request taking children away from ‘Needs, Wants & Offers'

3. Afternoon workshop

4. Support Groups.

What they can expect from

  • the parents
  • the children
  • other workshop participants
  • the Organisation-Child Minder Liaison Person