It was agreed by the AGM in 2002 that there should be a £250 maximum budget for the AGM to include administration costs, venue costs, and production of the AGM invitation and post AGM reporting.


  1. This Fund is ring-fenced and therefore is not shown in the annual budget.
  2. Its purpose is to give grants to people on very low incomes or benefits to assist them to do Fundamentals.
  3. The Fund has been created over time by generous grants and gifts from teachers and other co-counsellors.
  4. It is left to the discretion of teachers as to when they explain the fund to an applicant.
  5. A teacher may apply to the Treasurer for a grant of up to £20 from the Fund on behalf of someone wishing to do his or her Fundamentals course who in his/her opinion qualifies for a grant.
  6. Donations to the Aid Fund may be made via the annual subscription form.


The purpose of the Promotion Fund is to cover 3 areas of funding  - General Promotion, a start-up loan for new teachers to cover publicity etc. and a loan for established teachers.

1.     General Promotion

  • To support activities that promotes Co-Counselling and the CCIS Network , outwith the CCIS Newsletter
  • Promotion of specific workshops and Fundamentals courses is excluded because they may receive support and funding from the Workshops fund.
  • General promotion grants will only be awarded after a budget has been presented to the treasurer and checked for "Value for Money". This may involve consultations with other members of the Network.
  • A General Promotion grant is only available to a current member of CCIS.

2.     Supporting the start-up of new, independent teachers

  • Teachers who wish to start teaching Co-Counselling Fundamentals, and who are taking financial responsibility themselves for this for the first time, may apply for a loan up to a maximum of £70 in order to cover the cost of publicity.
  • If the Fundamentals course if profitable the full loan must be repaid.
  • If the Fundamentals turns out to be unprofitable or cancelled, 25% of the loan needs to be paid back immediately.  The rest of the loan is on hold until the next, more profitable Fundamentals course is run.  It needs then to be paid back in gradual steps in agreement with the Treasurer.

3.     Supporting established teachers

  • After some years, the Treasurer may propose to the AGM that the loan may be converted into a grant.
  • Established teachers may apply for a loan that covers 75% of the planned publicity costs with a maximum of £70.
  • This loan must be paid back regardless of whether a profit or a loss is made, in a time frame decided in consultation with the Treasurer.