The Treasurer's role is to manage the financial affairs of CCIS.

Key Tasks outlined in the Constitution adopted by the AGM in November 2001

  • The Treasurer is responsible for keeping accounts of all income and expenditure and preparing accounts of all income and expenditure for the AGM.
  • He/she also proposes the level(s) of subscription to be agreed by the AGM.
  • He/she must also prepare a budget for the following year for the AGM to set.
  • If the AGM fails to agree the accounts or set a budget, the Treasurer may do this in consultation with the AGM Convenor(s), the Membership Administrator, and the Newsletter Editor(s).
  • Between AGMs the Treasurer may take any necessary decision on day to day financial matters within an agreed budget.
  • If there is a need to alter or exceed a budget between AGMs, the Treasurer may do this in consultation with the AGM Convenor(s), Membership Administrator and Newsletter Editor(s).
  • The Treasurer may open and close bank accounts but must report any changes to the next AGM. There must be at least two authorised signatories for any CCIS bank account, which may be operated on an either/or or both/and basis as determined by the AGM.
  • The Treasurer is trusted by the AGM to determine and deal with travel bursaries.
  • The Treasurer may also negotiate levels and methods of payment of subscription with members who cannot afford the lowest level agreed by the AGM.
  • The Treasurer administers the following CCIS funds - The Aid Fund, and Promotion Fund.

What does the Treasurer need to know to do this job?

  1. He/she must have a good grasp of figures, and some knowledge of keeping accounts.
  2. He/she must also have a commitment to deal with any payments or receipts swiftly and accurately.
  3. He/she should also have a willingness to help fellow job-holders and members of CCIS with financial advice.
  4. It will be helpful if the Treasurer has access to a computer and email.

What are the deadlines which the Treasurer must meet?

  1. He/she must prepare accounts for the financial year which ends in July to be included with the Autumn Newsletter in September as part of the Invitation to the AGM.
  2. He/she must also put forward a proposed budget with explanations for entries, in the Autumn Newsletter as part of the agenda for the AGM in November.

Who could help, support or liaise with the Treasurer to do this job?

Any post-holder, or any members of CCIS, and/or the bank manager.