Find information distribution channels

  • the Internet
  • Co-Counselling web sites for publishing your ads
  • create your own web site and ask for coco web sites to link to it
  • woekahop/event announcements on the CoCoInfo web site
  • email lists of attendants of previous similar events
  • postal mailing list of attendants of previous similar events
  • ask other coco organisers for their mailing lists ???
  • Information persons
  • Within the organising team the booking person is often the best person to provide information
    The reason is that s/he can then also gauge what the interest is and which problems are perceived
  • Find nationally and internationally people who would like to represent you as ambassador for your event.
    This is especially helpful for International workshops, as local people tend more to seek information from people with their own language than from abroad.
  • Sending an organising team representative to other workshops.
    They can also find out what support people need in order to attend your event.

What types of information need to be created?

For each of the above information channels. Some examples:

  • Information folder with booking form
  • Web pages
  • Web pages and web ads
  • posters to displayed at other coco workshops

In which languages does the material need to be translated?

What information needs to be provided?



Check list


Please attach examples of workshop advertisement materials