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Clarity of announcements

Workshops Starting on Time

bell warner vs. everybody their own responsibility

In big workshops like CCIs there are always enough people to start a workshop. In small workshops (to 30 persons) a clear warning (3 minutes to go) can be very helpful to get a common start.

In opening circles, don't wait for other Co-Counsellors, as this creates that everybody will come late eventually; celebrations for the people who are in time; request for people who are late to come next time in time. (this habit needs to be agreed on the culture setting.)

Musical example: music works only when the musicians are prepared to tune into each other rhythms. Bossiness is not the primary issue. 8-10 musicians can play very well together without conductor, if trained well enough.

The main problem: different expectations: 8.30 means for some people 8.30, for other people at least 10-20 minutes later and for some to turn up when they feel like.

Workshops Ending on Time

This is particularly important when child minders are expecting the parents collecting their children in time. Also when the cooking is done by the participants, workshops ending late can be a problem.

Use of rooms for sessions


Business meetings

  • Who to invite?
  • Culture setting, 40 minute blocks, mini-sessions, one minute breaks
  • Agenda
  • Voting:
    Consensus and using hands.
    Feeling heard and understood by other people.

Facilitating participants to create their workshops program

Option: ‘Needs wants and offers'

Option: Workshop announcements and workshops announcements billboards

Empowering participants to run a topical workshop or a peer group their program

Facilitating the topical ‘dating' between participants

for having sessions together

At the into the ‘daily' world

  • Warning before closing circle how it can be getting back into the ‘real' world.
  • Organising an intermediate place, like meeting at a service station before really splitting up.

Pre-plannable workshops

Workshop Opening circle

New-people's workshop

Midweek-check-in workshop for new and less-new people

ceilidh or cabaret

a local music or dance group

CCI business meeting

A party at the last evening?

Organising a travel pool for afterwards

Closing circle

Learning organisation....

  • The presence of a Co-Counselling Library or Mailshop
    Copies for looking into. Request the other copies to leave. Signing list by buyers and the amount of money they spent. Timers are very attractive for children. The last Summer week all but one was used by the children to play with.



What needs to go into the Info letter?

What needs to go into the Day timetable?

What needs to go into the Week/Workshop timetable?

Who need to be contacted beforehand?