Get the arrangements on paper!

In case people remember different arrangements. The booking of the venue is often more than a year before the actual event!.

Topics to be agreed on

1. Staff presence

  • The room Cleaners
    left condoms, people making love etc, nudity discharging.
  • the Night watch,
    where does he go at what times. What about him walking into Woods&Waters?

2. Other non Co-Counsellors visiting the venue and walking around.


3. Religious sensitivities especially around nudity


4. Food prevision to non meat eaters and special diets.


5. Liaison people


6. accessibility for disabled people

How much are disabled people dependent on other people to move around?

Other crucial points to be clear about

To prevent that you will meet unpleasant surprises, make sure that

  • the price includes or excludes VAT.
  • and that the VAT doesn't change in the meantime.