The role can be filled by one person or a team who have between them experience of co-counselling and knowledge of how the CCIS Network functions.

Key Tasks

  1. To plan and run a well attended AGM normally in November
  2. To ensure there is a quorum* for any AGM or SGM
  3. To encourage and enable members to participate in making decisions for the Network
  4. To keep members informed about AGM matters
  5. To prepare an outline agenda for the AGM/SGM
  6. To publish any proposals to change the Constitution
  7. To liaise with post-holders to ensure that the invitation to the AGM includes their reports and reflects the activities of the Network
  8. To ensure that AGM decisions are recorded.

What does the AGM Convenor need to know to do this job?

  • *That the quorum for an AGM/SGM is 12 members, or 10% of the membership, whichever is the greater
  • An understanding of the key points for action throughout the year
  • Who the post-holders are, and what their role is.

What are the deadlines the Convenor needs to keep?

The AGM Convenor has tasks which are tied to the timetable of the Newsletter, the only vehicle of communication we have for all members at any one time, which appears four times a year.

Spring Newsletter

  • Place advertisement for the AGM next November
  • Request proposals for the AGM from the members

Summer Newsletter

  • Draft outline agenda including members' proposals
  • Prepare any proposed changes to the Constitution

Autumn Newsletter

  • Prepare the Invitation to the AGM which contains the Agenda, accounts, budget, Network reports etc.

Winter Newsletter

  • Include the minutes and a record of decisions taken

Who could help, support or liaise with the AGM Convenor/s?

CCIS members, post-holders, Focus Group Convenors, teachers and past AGM convenors