The role is best filled by one person who can provide some storage space.

Key Tasks

1.     To gather and maintain knowledge, in whatever format, about Co-counselling in general and CCIS in particular.

2.     To store information and share it with the network when required.

3.     To keep

  • one master copy of every Good and Newsletter
  • one master copy of every Invitation for an AGM or SGM
  • one master copy of the minutes of an AGM or SGM
  • any papers supplied by a Focus Group, teacher or postholder
  • a copy of each teaching manual
  • any other relevant material - books, magazines, articles, tapes etc.

4.     To encourage members of the network to feed the archive because it is important to have a record of decisions taken by postholders, teachers, and focus groups on behalf of the network for future reference.

What does the archivist need to know to do this job?

1.     Which manuals, papers magazines books etc the network wishes to be placed in the archive

2.     What budget the treasurer holds for the archive.

What are the deadlines the archivist needs to keep?

An annual report to the AGM including an accounting of any financial dealings.

Who could help, support, or liaise with the archivist to do this job?

The Treasurer, members, postholders, AGM convenors and teachers.