one person, two people or a team can fill the role of the Network Reporter.

Key Tasks

to reach out to all members of the Network to ask them how they have experienced co-counselling within the Network (or beyond) during the past year.

The experiences which the AGM would like to hear about cover all aspects of co-counselling in Scotland: for example: -

  • the type, practice and level of sessions that co-counsellors find helpful and useful
  • the nature and enjoyment of Community Days
  • feedback on the content and style of the Newsletter
  • the type and quality of workshops and residentials
  • the activities and value of support groups

This may be achieved by any means which the Network Reporter(s) may choose to employ - e.g. articles in the Newsletter, an individual letter to each member, contact by email, telephone or face to face conversations.

To attend the AGM and present the Report to the members.

What does the Network Reporter need to know to do this job?

The individual or team need to have some knowledge and experience of the Network e.g. who the current postholders are, and what are their responsibilities, and what major events have taken place throughout the year.

The individual or team need to have a commitment to producing a representative, interesting and balanced report from the whole membership.

What are the deadlines the Network Reporter must keep?

The Spring Newsletter deadline with a short reminder article about the role, and the importance for the report of contributions from the members.

The Summer Newsletter  for a formal request for contributions, and a description of how the process is to be handled this year.  A firm deadline is announced for contributions, to allow time for editing.

The finished report must be ready for printing in the invitation to the AGM which is included in the same mailing as the Autumn Newsletter.

Who could help, support or liaise with the Network Reporter(s)?

Any post-holder, and/or member of the Network.