Once the expenditure for the venue, child minders and/or teachers/facilitators are known, the finale income/ expenses picture can be made. This forms the basis for the fees the workshop attendants are expected to be paying.

Deciding on Fee levels
  • different fees for different incomes
  • different fees for different kinds of accommodation
    single, double rooms, dormitory, camping
  • Early Bird discount for encouraging people to book early
  • Group discount
  • for encouraging people to entice other people to come with them
    language groups, friend groups
  • to support people from far away in their travel arrangements
  • grants and bursaries

Payment arrangements

Where and how to pay

  • people paying into special accounts
  • local Currency accounts
    CCI 2008 was in Scotland, means Pound Sterling.
    The Euro countries could pay into the Dutch CCI Euro account and all the fees paid there were transferred in one go, saving lots of transfer costs.
  • people paying on arrival
    In exceptional circumstances this is the cheapest way of transferring money.

Deposits and cancellation arrangements

  • deposit non-refundable
  • last minute cancellations (1 week / fortnight, month before start of workshop) non refundable, unless the organising committee decides otherwise, their discretion

These arrangements need to be made very clear in the booking form!