I've just circulated the message below to all the UK teachers whose emails I know. If any teachers or intending teachers haven't had this, I'm sorry to have missed you out - please reply anyway.
Many thanks.

Hello Everyone and happy New Year!

I've taken most of your email addresses from the list of UK CCI teachers on the UK CCI website, at www.co-counselling.org.uk/lists/teachers.html   and I've added one or two others that I knew of.

A group of teachers met in November at an English residential and had a successful time pooling ideas and sharing the various initiatives people are involved in.  From that grew the idea of updating the teachers list and using it to further promote co-counselling and to support each other in various ways.

As step one of that process I offered to contact you, to ask about your current involvement in teaching co-counselling. This is so that we can get an idea of the scale of teaching activity, and perhaps develop a more active support network, for those who want it, among people who are teaching now.

To this end please could you let me know

1. Are you are teaching at the moment or planning a course in the next few months?

2. Would you like to continue to hear about initiatives to promote co-counselling?

3. Do you wish to have your name removed from the teachers list on the website?

 Thanks for your time. I hope this is of interest. I welcome your comments, and look forward to your reply.
best wishes,  Sally Cooke  01305 267758