Special Events

dscf2176.jpgCoCo Open Space

Even with this broad and exciting bunch of workshops already on offer, anyone present at McCoCo is encouraged to offer and ask for any workshop they like. For this to happen we organise the CoCo Open Space, developed and tried at McCoCo 2012 and the CCI in Hungary the year before. This is a fast and effective way of bringing people together who want a workshop to happen. This CoCo Open Space  will happen on the Thursday night and supports the spontaneous creation of workshops during McCoCo and thereafter!

Interacting with Lilian’s McCoCo Exhibition

Offered by Lilian Brzoska


There will be an interactive Arts Exhibition of The Artwork of Lilian Bee and McCoCreators. You may wish to photograph and draw Live Models while the exhibition is in place.

Topical Workshops

Co-counselling and loneliness

A co-counselling workshop facilitated by Kate Golten, who will also take part.

Going beyond

Offered by Lilian Brzoska

Resilience when aging

Offered by JanPieter Hoogma

David Bowie

Offered by Hans van Os

CoCo Café “Co-Coping”

Offered by JanPieter Hoogma

Other Workshops likely to happen

Dancing: line dancing and five rhythms. The McCoCo Ceilidh where people share their poems, art, songs, stories and dances the Scottish way.