Workshops on offer for McCoCo 2014

Inspiring Workshops are coming to McCoCo 2014

And there is plenty of room for spontaneously organised workshops too!

CoCo Open Space

In order to create together the McCoCo experience we organise a CoCo Open Space. This is a gentle inter-active process with as main focus to bring together co-counsellors with shared interests and common needs so that they can co-create a meaningful and relevant Co-Counselling cooperation during McCoCo. A positive side effect is that from the start of CoCo Open Space people talk about things that really matter to them. CoCo Open Space is a good way of mixing people new to McCoCo with more experienced co-counsellors.


Accessing Emotion through Music

Offered by Geoff Rowe  

Beyond Inner Conflict and Choosing Patterns/ Habits

Offered by Lilian Brzoska

What’s in a Name?

Offered by Geoff Rowe

Cooperative INQUIRY

Offered by John Talbot

The Habit of happiness

Offered by JanPieter Hoogma

Devil’s Advocate: co-counselling can seriously undermine intelligence J

Offered by JanPieter Hoogma

Religious Trauma

Offered by JanPieter Hoogma on request

Immersing yourself into five vibes

Offered by Paulina Bak.

Beltane Fire and Maypole Celebrations

Co-facilitation focus offered by Lilian Brzoska

Conference: What matters most in the client and counsellor roles?

To clarify the question with a metaphor: being able to reverse a car is not sufficient enough for safe driving. In order to apply that reversing skill appropriately people need to be able to recognise critical situations such as a motorway, a cliff edge or cars coming from behind. The same is valid for co-counselling: applying co-counselling tools and skills require the client and counsellor to recognise some critical situations and to respond to them appropriately. Examples of these critical situations are losing the balance of attention as client, losing free attention as counsellor.

In other words, ‘What situations does a counsellor need to be able to recognise and skilfully deal with in order to function as a really supportive counsellor or co-worker?’, ‘What situations does a client need to be able to recognise and skilfully deal with in order to have a productive session?’

These questions are a rephrasing of the more technical worded questions: 'What session competencies does a client need to have in order to benefit from co-counselling in daily life?'  ‘What competencies does a counsellor need to have in order to function as a really supportive counsellor or co-worker?’ These questions arose from Marjan Tuk and JPs article ‘Credibility, Accreditation and Certification’ on CoCoInfo.

Our best hope for the conference is that we produce something that can be given back to the community.

The conference will take place the 6 May 2014 and Lilian Brzoska will host it in her house in Kirkcaldy, near Edinburgh.

Interested to attend?   
Contact Lilian on 01592-566 865/ 077 6584 1583 or liliannakennedyatgmail[dot]com
JanPieter 0131-551 6146 or janpieteratco-cornucopia[dot]org[dot]uk