Workshops on offer for McCoCo 2012


Special Events

Workshop Open Space Market

Even with the broad and exciting bunch of workshops already on offer, anyone present at McCoCo is encouraged to offer and ask for any workshop they like.

For this to happen we organise the Workshop Open Space Market, developed and tried at last year’s CCI in Hungary. This is a fast and effective way of bringing people together who want a workshop to happen. This Workshop Market will happen on the Thursday night and supports the spontaneous creation of workshops during McCoCo.

CCI-UK Business Meeting - new style

Offered by Richard Mills

Last year at McCoCo we had a CCI-UK business meeting that was short (one hour, between afternoon workshop and evening meal) and kept to a clear format and time-frame: First we listed the topics that mattered to us. Then the time left over was equally distributed over all these topics. There were no discussions, only sharing opinions within the allotted time for each topic. That was it. Afterwards many topics developed organically between people discussing what they had heard.

I propose this year the same kind of arrangement, with an addition: people could indicate which three topics that matter most to them. The three top choices might become the three issues for a CoCo Café later on."


Back to Basics

Weaving the Cathartic and the CornuCopia approaches when Processing and Expressing Emotions

Offered by Lilian Brzoska and JanPieter Hoogma


Topical Workshops

Embodied group experience - being and belonging

Offered by Graham Colbourne

Ways to find your True Voice

Offered by Lilian Brzoska

This involves some singing and movement but is actually about ways to find your Speaking Voice for use in the world, using our vocal skills to embody feelings/ thoughts/ characters, in our sessions.

Wild Writing

Offered by Geoff Rowe

Religious Trauma

Offered by JanPieter Hoogma

When in childhood religious doctrines are combined with strictly enforced obedience and conformity, Religious Trauma can be triggered. This workshop is for people who experienced religious doctrines.


Nature’s sensory awakening

Offered by Kate Reed

Opening your senses to feel your vitality and rising intuition by connecting with the extraordinary vitality and wisdom of nature.

Interpersonal Here-And-Now Group

Offered by Richard Mills

Living with Chronic Pain

Offered by Marjan Tuk

High Risk Sensuality/Tantra workshop

Offered by Gucci

Come and find out…

Poetry and Co-Counselling Space

Offered by Kate Golten

This is your life!

Offered by Kate Reed

Action Planning

Offered by Marjan Tuk

Other Workshops likely to happen

Dancing: line dancing and five rhythms. The McCoCo Ceilidh where people share their poems, art, songs, stories and dances the Scottish way.


Conference - Empowering the Client

The day after McCoCo there will be the McCoCo Conference, this year held in Lilian’s house in Kirkcaldy, near Edinburgh.