Over the last 30 years we have been searching for ways of supporting co-counsellors to come together, co-counsel as pairs and in small groups, to have events and a sense of community. Sometimes this blossomed, other times it declined or was followed by organisational struggle, division and reform.

Quote fromThe Spider and the Starfish

“ In a starfish network people will have personal relationships with each other based on Trust. Some of those are strong enough to create small communities. The more trusting relationships there are, the stronger the network will be, if all are in agreement about Core Principles and Basic Practises. “

When a starfish loses a leg, it grows another leg. The lost leg becomes another starfish. With any luck these starfish recognise one another as family when they meet. I believe CoCounselling International is a World-wide Starfish Network. within which trusting relationships are fundamental to its health.

A starfish network is not the web of one weaver but an organic connection field of interested and loving beings, meeting their own needs and growing communication skills while co-creating communication routes and joint activities, serving their own and one another's best interests.

The purpose of this email newsletter is to support the forming of starfish groups of people who are willing to meet their common needs and interests and by doing so, to develop their mutual trust.. It is a newsletter open to all CCI trained Cocounsellors. Ideas are shared with generosity in a starfish network,, as is time and effort, co-creating developments and activities to better serve individual and group needs. I celebrate those I have met in co-counselling in Scotland, Europe, America and New Zealand who do this.

I'm a COMMUNITY STARFISH in an International  Co-counselling Network, not a SPIDER weaving traps, nor a FLY trapped within a predator's WEB. I look forward to meeting other folk interested in Community Starfish formation and meeting other interest groups using CoCounselling skills to transform difficulties.

In Scotland  we continue to adapt, finding ways to communicate and work with with one another, Love  to all who Co-counsel in Scotland, both the natives and the visiting International family..

Lilian Brzoska.