Some years ago I had an issue with sleeplessness. On the CCI  in 2008 I facilitated a workshop about this. We shared our ideas about what is helpfull to do in this situations

Maybe our experiences can help other people

Sleep well...Smile


Sleeplessness workshop in Musselburgh CCI Scotland  August 2008 

  1. breathe counting 1- 10 , starting again etc.
  2. do a self massage
  3. give yourself reiki
  4. doing jobs (the worst job in your house ); do the job you really don’t like
  5. provoke yourself: You won’ t sleep anymore J
  6. reassuring (geruststellen)
  7. praying
  8. writing  -> ‘making a picture’ technique
  9. bodycheck – focus on your body and breathe to areas where  you feel tenses
  10. bodyscan: feet are heavy (3x), ankles are heavy, spawns are heavy etc.
  11. reading books for inspiration & positivity
  12. listening at a tape for relaxation or music
  13. use Passiflora ( homeopathic medicin )
  14. good food ( don’ t eat before you go to bed)
  15. count backwards
  16. little sleep  after lunch in the weekend with cd with calm music (Beethoven) in a chair
  17. relaxation, deep breathing, low breathing
  18. take time for the night, go early to bed
  19. I don’ t have to worry   -> choose not to worry
  20. relaxing in the evening before sleeping, winding down
  21. same time every day going to bed
  22. reading a heavy and boring book
  23. don’t do anything that cost energy
  24. if partner is snoring: sleep upside down
  25. go out of your best and write a list down with every tthing in your head ( a list with things you have to, maybe a list of your worries
  26. if the sleeplessness doesn’t stop beforeat 3.oo a.m :give yourself permission to cancel things the next day
  27. Make your sleeping room so empty and clean as possible ( no books )
  28. use a lamb with oil of lavender in your sleeping room