Dear All,

Roots 2 Fruits is the name of our new magazine through which

Cocounselling International in Scotland Communicates with the World. 

We also invite the world to communicate with us and subscribe.

Would you like to contribute?

We, Rosalind in Perth, Lindsay in Edinburgh, Geoff in Glasgow and Lilian in Kirkcaldy, in the Kingdom of Fife, are currently Co- Editors, working on doing things as co-operatively, as collaboratively and as creatively as possible.  We are supported in a few discreet areas by Anne in Edinburgh, Margaret A. in Roslin and Rose in Pitlochry.

Please get in touch with any of the Co-Editors if you have even a smidgeon of an idea that you would like to see in the magazine. We hope our individual visions can overlap and together we can create something which resonates for ourselves and others.

Please also send in fully formed pieces of writing, soup recipes and artwork, or anything in-between.

Post hard copy to Lindsay or email digital copy to Lilian at any time.

The final copy deadline for Issue No. 1 is 11th November 2013

Would you like to subscribe?

The cost is £10.00, which will cover more than one issue (exact numbers will unfold in due course) as we establish the true costs of production. We thank those of you who have already given us £10 to encourage us. We now have a Cooperative Bank Account . Signatories are Rosalind and Lindsay.

Please make payment by one of the following methods:

  • in person – a tenner to any co-editor
  • by post - cheque made out to “Roots 2 Fruits – Cocounselling International” post to Lilian.
  • by telephone/internet - transfer money through your bank  by calling in to your branch or using telephone or internet banking to pay £10 to “Roots 2 Fruits”, Account number 6568896200, sort code 089299, and telephone or email Geoff or Lilian to let us know.

Contact details

Geoff Rowe

Flat 3,62 Partickhill Road


G11 5AB

0141 328 7305


Lilian Brzoska

465-D High Street



01592 566 865


Lindsay Gibson

10 Boswall Avenue        



0131 552 6522


Rosalind Ashling:   01738 638606   ashlingr10athotmail[dot]com