One-to-One newsletter

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A paper newsletter for Co-Counselling International in the UK

One to One is an independent entity within CCI with its own, ad hoc, organisation and it is funded solely by its subscribers.

One to One is an internal newsletter for CCI co-counsellors only.  Some of the items included are not expected to be seen other than by CCI co-counsellors. 

One to One aims to include:

  • notices: diary of events, lists of contact people and teachers of co-counselling.
  • news of co-counselling events and activities
  • poems, drawings, articles etc.: from and of interest to subscribers.

One to One aims to provide a service to CCI.  Articles in One to One may be copied e.g. for use in local CCI newsletters, as long as they only go to CCI co-counsellors.

The subscription for four issues is £5 (UK) £7/€8 (EU) rest of the world: £7 (surface mail) £10 (airmail).  You can pay for several years e.g. £10 (UK) for eight issues.  The aim is for the newsletter to come out quarterly.


To subscribe, send your subscription to:

John Talbut ​Telephone: 01530 836780
The Laurels, Berry Hill Lane,
Donington le Heath, COALVILLE, LE67 2FB

Please make cheques etc. payable to  ONE TO ONE
Make sure you include your name and address.

And, if you have not subscribed before, the date, place and the name of the teacher of your fundamentals of co-counselling core training.