A collection of quotes from people who have attended McCoCo.

Freedom to follow my desires, welcome, warmth and affection. It was spontaneous, joyful, outrageous, energetic, safe, cosy, sharing, wild, accessible, in nature by hills with unexpected opportunities and tremendous food.

McCoCo is a place of great freedom, where you can try out different ways of being, and new ways of doing things.

McCoCo is a place where you can go whatever emotional and physical state you're in and you will be welcomed with great warmth and affection.

McCoCo is a safe place, as far as that is possible where there's also freedom.

There is nothing else quite like McCoCo in my life.  I feel full of emotion just thinking about it.  It is life at its best.

I remember at the end of a long and arduous opening circle, offering a spontaneous "Let's go out into the woods and make loads of noise" workshop and a few minutes later there we were doing just that.

That’s what McCoCo enables to happen - whatever odd idea you have, planned or unplanned, you can share it and chances are that others will join you.

McCoco is a five minute easy walk from glorious hills. Easy access by public transport.

A place where I can get my special diet catered for with a smile :-)

I often have the desire to get into a big bouncy dress, dance joyously around outside, split leaps included with fellow like minded people. The only place that comes to heart is McCoCo. This is due to the experiences I have had there. Many things are possible at McCoCo, it’s a wonderful feeling…

Dancing to the rhythms,
climbing to the sun,
playing naked Frisbee in the rain!
sitting by the fire amongst  
the  laughter and the fun.


Collated by Anne Denniss