Accreditation procedure

The teacher says:

‘Before we go any further, I want you all to know that  if I had any serious concerns about your ability to become a CCI co-counsellor you would have heard this from me before now, so that we could have discussed it.

Now, please first read the criteria for accreditation below. Students read the text below.

  •  ‘(Name), how well do you think you meet the Criteria for accreditation?’ (e.g. very well, well enough, just about well enough, not well enough)

  • ‘Are there any aspects of your practice under these criteria that you struggle with or are anxious about?’

  • ‘Do you feel you are ready to be accredited?’


Then the teacher gives feedback:

e.g. Areas for attention

  • ‘Things I would like to see more of or less of’

  • ‘I would like you to… ’

  • ’My worst fantasy of you is…’

Then, to enable the course members to give feedback, the teacher says to each group member:

 ‘Do you have any constructive feedback to offer to (Name) that may help him/her in his/her development as a co-counsellor?’

Then, the teacher says: ‘(Name), you are now a CCI co-counsellor’.

The group applauds!

Criteria for accreditation:

As counsellor:

  1. Ability to offer sufficient Free Attention for the client to do their work
  2. Ability to tolerate contact with your own distress when counsellor, and thus able to witness the client’s distress, without seeking to reduce the client’s distress
  3. Ability to offer co-counselling interventions to your client
  4. Ability and willingness to adhere only to the co-counselling method during sessions (no methods from other therapies, that have not been taught on the course)
  5. Ability to stick to the ground rules


 As Client

  1. Ability to tolerate contact with your own distress when client
  2. Ability to use co-counselling interventions on yourself as client
  3. Commitment to your own personal growth
  4. Ability to stick to the ground rules