After a nine-month preparation involving many discussions and decisions Kate MacKechnie launched her first issue of the ‘Here-and-Now’ email newsletter in May 2008.

Under her care twelve issues appeared: the last one in December 2011. In that way she collected and contributed to the wealth of the CCI community. The following response to Kate’s announcement to stop expresses that:  I have found your "Here and Now’s delightful.  You have found ways to make the best of the electronic medium and produce beautiful and varied art work.  The result has been a professionally produced magazine for cocos.  Many people, including me, have been inspired to produce copy for it and you have moved the "art" of newsletter production on in new and creative ways.

I very much would like the following slogan to become true: “I joined co-counselling for its sessions, I stayed with it for its community” And that happens when the CCI community can show off its wealth and diversity. As the twelve ‘Here and Now’ issues contain a wealth of articles, I decided to make them easily accessible for any new or not-so-new co-counsellor.

Find quickly the 'Here and Now' article you want to read

To find an issue with your topic or contributor

  • Search the ‘Here and Now’ site for Here and Now issues: click here
  • Add some more keywords

To find an article within that issue

Once you have found the issue, you need to open the pdf file. Once opened, you will see a pane with Contents and a Contributors’ index for finding quickly what you want.

Links to the twelve 'Here and Now' issues

Here and Now - Issue 1 2008

Here and Now - Issue 2 2008

Here and Now - Issue 3 2008

Here and Now - Issue 4 2009

Here and Now - Issue 5 2009

Here and Now - Issue 6 2009

Here and Now - Issue 7 2010

Here and Now - Issue 8 2010

Here and Now - Issue 9 2010

Here and Now - Issue 10 2011

Here and Now - Issue 11 2011

Here and Now - Issue 12 2011