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Autumn Online Co-Counselling Training (now starting Oct 12 - a few places left!)
Do 12 Okt 2023., Do 9 Nov 2023., Do 14 Dez 2023., Do 18 Jan 2024., Do 15 Feb 2024., Do 29 Feb 2024., Do 21 Mär 2024.

This online, international co-counselling training, run by long-time CCI co-counselling teacher Tonya Christie (Tonya has been teaching co-counselling since she was 20 and was the first person to… Read more

Co-Co Connection 2024 - An international online workshop fostering personal and community growth through Co-Counseling. Sponsored by CCI-USA
Do 11 Jan 2024. bis Mo 15 Jan 2024.


Co-Co Sessions - Topic Groups - Support Groups

Connecting with people from around the world

Experience being part of a supportive community

Welcoming anyone who has… Read more

CCI Southern Spring Residential
Mi 13 Mär 2024. bis So 17 Mär 2024.

Welcome to the calming atmosphere of the EarthSpirit Centre. We will be organising a four day workshop here in March 2024 at this wonderful venue, a converted barn complex in the secluded Somerset… Read more

Coco at Barmoor Summer 2024
Fr 21 Jun 2024. bis Mo 24 Jun 2024.
Hutton le Hole

Come along to the 33rd summer weekend at Barmoor, a wonderful location on the edge of the North York Moors. The house is homely and on the edge of gentle moors with heather; the village is… Read more