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These web sites are open to anyone who is interested in Co-Counselling

Contact Persons

National Contact Persons: CCI-World & CCI-UK

CCI News


CCI World News Service in English
with contributions from all over the world.


See the videos on YouTube: hear people talk about their own experiences and how co-counselling has helped them.


'Haus Kloppenburg' web site. A therapist co-operative that promotes CCI Co-Counselling in Münster, Germany. Mostly in German.


Co-Counseln Lernen. A web site with the aim to support people to learn co-counselling and to network with each other. Mostly in German.


This extensive CCI Co-Counselling (UK) web site puts an emphasis on CCI Co-Counselling in the United Kingdom. There are lists with regional Contact Persons, Fundamentals Courses and Co-Counselling Teachers.

CornuCopia Co-Counselling
It features an extensive amount of Co-Counselling literature. The CornuCopia approach is based as much as possible on methods backed up by scientific evidence.

The Bristol Co-counselling website

The Scottish Co-Counselling network

Richard Mills' web site in Leeds, Yorkshire

James Kilty's co-counselling's page

Yorkshire Co-Counselling (This is for West and North Yorkshire. For South Yorkshire see contacts


The Hungarian Co-Counselling Community site

It is the community web site of Hungarian CoCo-ers who are more or less active or who are interested but not yet cocoers.   


CCI Co-Counselling in Dublin


Dror Co-counseling


Co-Counselling Nederland (CCN), the Dutch Co-Counselling organisation.

The Beukehof. In Dutch and partly English. It is Niek Sickenga and Joke Stassen's web site about CCI in the Netherlands: their teachers' co-operative, co-counselling workshops and other non-cocounselling activities at their Beukehof centre.

New-Zealand The Aotearoa CCI web site with contacts in Wellington and Auckland.
USA The CCI-USA web site of the CCI Co-Counselling community in Connecticut.

CCI Co-Counselling Discussion Groups

These are discussion platforms for people
who are interested in ongoing exchange of ideas

about anything that has to do with Co-Counselling.


A CCI discussion platform for Co-Counsellors who did their Fundamentals training within Co-Counselling International (CCI). To subscribe, send an e-mail telling the name of your teacher and when and where you did the fundamentals course, to


There are several CCI local groups on for instance Yahoo.

RC related web sites

Re-Evaluation Counselling

The official Re-Evaluation Co-Counselling web site in the USA. It is quite an elaborated web site. It contains also an on-line Co-Counselling Fundamentals class.

Re-evaluation Counseling Resources Site A web site with lots of information about Re-evaluation Counselling (RC) that RC did not want to publish about itself.


A safe yahoo group for discussion about the International Re-evaluation Counseling Community and co-counseling in general. By default, postings are anonymous.