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Core Training in Co-counselling - 6 days
Sat 17 Mar. to Sun 18 Mar., Sat 14 Apr. to Sun 15 Apr., Sat 12 May. to Sun 13 May.

Barking, London
, United Kingdom

Events for people interested in coco

Learn and practice peer to peer counselling (co-counselling).
Empower yourself to become your own leader

Relate honestly and with compassion to yourself and those around you.

... Read more


Kathleenspostbox [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line ' CoCounselling' phone: 07871955394.

celia [at] orchardox [dot] co [dot] uk

phone: +44(0)77 121 68897

Sat 2 Jun., Sun 3 Jun., Sun 24 Jun., Sat 7 Jul., Sun 8 Jul.

, United Kingdom

Core Training

This co-counselling training, run by long-time CCI co-counselling teacher Tonya Stewart (Tonya has been teaching co-counselling since she was 20), runs over five days at weekends in June and July... Read more


Tonya Stewart

Tel: 07919 00 6845

Email: tonyalittlewhitefeather [dot] co [dot] uk


Facebook: @ lwfeather or tonya gabrielle stewart

Twitter: @_whitefeather

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Co-Counselling (CCI) Core Training
Sat 2 Jun. to Sun 3 Jun., Sat 16 Jun., Sat 23 Jun. to Sun 24 Jun.

, United Kingdom

Core Training

With John Talbut


cocodpets[dot]co[dot]uk (John Talbut)

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McCoCo 2018
Thu 3 May 2018. to Mon 7 May 2018.
Wiston, nr Biggar
United Kingdom
Come to McCoCo 2018

Four Days !!!  From Thursday 3 May 6 pm to Monday 7 May 3 pm

Co-... Read more

  • Event type: Residential CCI Workshop
Co-counselling Facilitator Training: Foundation Programme
Sat 5 May 2018., Sun 6 May 2018.
United Kingdom

Three month foundation training (runs May- July, both in person (London) and online, via Zoom). Very limited spaces. Please register your interest with Tonya. For practising co-counsellors only.... Read more

  • Event type: Co-Counselling Workshops
Co-counselling Peer Group (evenings)
Fri 20 Apr 2018., Wed 23 May 2018.
York / Melbourne
United Kingdom

A cocounselling peer group. We share the time equally for cocounselling, and have brief opening and closing rounds and comments. Meetings run from 7pm until 9.30pm ish, although the finish time is... Read more

  • Event type: One-day Community Event
2018 UK CCI Spring Workshop
Fri 25 May 2018. to Mon 28 May 2018.
United Kingdom
Unstone, Derbyshire

Friday 25th May (5pm) to Monday 28th May 2018

A long weekend in warm, peaceful and beautiful surroundings

A great opportunity to spend time with co-counsellors from all... Read more

  • Event type: Residential CCI Workshop
Coco at Barmoor (Summer 2018)
Fri 6 Jul 2018. to Mon 9 Jul 2018.
Hutton le Hole
United Kingdom

Come along to the 28th summer weekend at Barmoor, a wonderful location on the edge of the North York Moors. The house is homely and on the edge of gentle moors with heather; the village is... Read more

  • Event type: Residential CCI Workshop
European CCI 2018 in Scotland
Sat 28 Jul 2018. to Sat 4 Aug 2018.
Gartmore, near Stirling
United Kingdom

We invite you to join with us to explore our relationship with our- selves and our world in a week-long event in the summer of 2018.

We have found an exciting and beautiful venue 'Gartmore... Read more

  • Event type: Residential CCI Workshop
Co-counselling Summer in Cornwall
Fri 17 Aug 2018. to Fri 24 Aug 2018.
St. Just-In-Penwith
United Kingdom

Come and join us for a Summer co-counselling residential by the sea in one of the most beautiful places in Britain.

The week will be peer led. If you have a workshop you want to offer, come... Read more

  • Event type: Residential CCI Workshop
Ringsfield Hall Autumn CCI 2018
Thu 1 Nov 2018. to Mon 5 Nov 2018.
United Kingdom

The Autumn Eastern Co-Counselling Workshop is at Ringsfield Hall in Beccles, Suffolk. Ringsfield Hall is a warm & welcoming Victorian country house in 14 acres of grounds that include woodland... Read more

  • Event type: Residential CCI Workshop
Evergreens Winter Warmer 2019
Fri 25 Jan 2019. to Sun 27 Jan 2019.
United Kingdom

This is a residential community event for co-counsellors and their partners/families.  We will snuggle by the fires at Unstone Grange, go for walks, cook meals together, play games and enjoy other... Read more

  • Event type: Other Communal residential
European CCI 2019 in Germany
Sun 21 Jul 2019. to Sat 27 Jul 2019.

Once again, we invite you to come to Germany: From 21. – 27. July 2019, we will meet in Haus Ohrbeck in Georgsmarienhütte (near Osnabrück/Münster).

The venue is a former monastery where we... Read more

  • Event type: Residential CCI Workshop

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Learn Co-Counselling

Co-Counselling Fundamentals Courses are a minimum of 40 hours, spread over weekends, or weekly evening classes. Most are run privately by co-counselling teachers but increasingly they are run through colleges.

Co-Counselling courses are experiential (you learn by trying things out). Typically the teacher introduces ideas and ways of working in co-counselling, participants then try these out in a short session. Afterwards there is a sharing how that went and questions are answered.

Local Gatherings

There is a variety of local gatherings. Some are the so-called Community or Open co-counselling days. Then there are the ongoing support groups. Generally the format of the meeting is a round 'Needs, wants and offers' after which people negotiate what will happen next. Usually this will involve either a group activity or session, or else people pair up and have two-way sessions. Sometimes there is a part facilitated by someone on a particular theme.

Further skills workshops

These are workshops where people can learn more advanced co-counselling skills under the guidance of a teacher or experienced Co-counsellor.

Residential Events

These are either a week-end (including the Monday if it's a Bank Holiday) or a whole week. A small group (say 3-4 people) will book a venue and do the necessary publicity. The organising group will welcome people to the event, and host the initial opening circle which gets the event started. They will also devise a blank timetable structure, which usually has spaces for morning and afternoon workshops. Evening activities are generally more social, relaxation or fun based (singing, games, cabaret, dancing, bonfires, music, massage etc, or just chatting). Cost varies from event to event, but most are low to medium cost. Many offer cheaper prices if you camp.

As the residential progresses the blank workshop spaces are filled by workshops that people either want or offer. These workshops are either peer-led or facilitated by the person who offers. They are either strictly co-counselling based, or non-co-counselling, or else a mixture of the two. The person who suggested the workshop makes it clear what is on offer. The workshops often have a theme e.g. loss, saying goodbye, choosing, voice-work, body-work, sound and voice, drama therapy, ''Five Dances''. The list is almost endless. You attend the workshops that appeal to you.


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